Dinamismi Museali (DM) is a festival of contemporary thought. It rose in 1998 as a new cultural means for “Sheep” the Leo Lanificio management model adopted to re-configure the most ancient Calabrian woollen mill brand values. Some events have been recently taken place at Rubbettino Industries, thus arranging sponsorship relations as co-marketing alliances.

A territorial network made up of companies, institutional partners and no-profit associations, provides Dinamismi Museali with real support in terms of cultural policy investment improving synergy processes and cultural exchanges the between national and the international context. The festival’s aim is to offer thoughts and creativity a space for experimentation, including national and international experiences of cultural hybridization, as well as industrial building spaces with their structured working environment.

“Super Dutch” (2008), the X festival edition, patronised and supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, was entirely devoted to the Dutch country system profile considered the most advanced creativity trends centre where contemporaneity is qualified as a strategic element in order to create and transfer symbolic value. A tribute to Holland as a country attesting how our times’ competitiveness challenge can be promoted only by sustaining creative class through the valorisation of human and social resources. 2001 Guggenheim Prize “Impresa & Cultura”;

2001 Federculture Prize - Cultura di Gestione, section “Valorizzazione del Territorio”, ex-aequo with the province of Bologna;

2004 According to the ISMEZ, among the 10 most significant events in Southern Italy collected and published in Il benessere culturale nel Mezzogiorno: esperienze, politiche, prospettive edited by Michele Trimarchi;

2004 Case history published in Cultura e competitività. Per un nuovo agire imprenditoriale, Osservatorio Impresa e Cultura edition;

2006 The visual identity of Dinamismi Museali is one of the selected projects of the exhibition "The New Italian Design. Il paesaggio mobile del nuovo design italiano" (20th January -25th April 2007), promoted by the Triennale of Milan in 2006;

2008 Dinamismi Museali 9th and 10th editions were selected by the Biennale Italia Prize "Design degli Eventi", as two of the best Italian events of the last years. The Prize is devoted to 50 Italian projects realized in the two-year-time 2006-2007. Along with Palermo and Naples, Soveria Mannelli is the symbol of Southern Italy for Turin 2008 World Design Capital.